Group offer



At Territorial we have a wide range of possibilities for our customers to be 100% satisfied; for this, besides being able to choose from an endless range of products that we have for sale, We listen to your own design proposals to try to get you to exactly meet your wishes.
We are trained to do group work, so if you have a proposal for a big event where you want to include your friends and family, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make you an offer that you cannot refuse.

Our area of customizations will take care of collecting as much information as possible about the customer’s design, to then translate this into our products as soon as possible and with the best possible execution.

At Territorial we have the tools and qualified personnel to be able to design and carry out the projects that clients demand.

Our staff is very professional and meticulous with each of the projects, and will effectively guide you to achieve the most perfect design possible.


  1. Embody the customer’s idea in our products (wood, cork, etc).
  2. Carry out the process as soon as possible.
  3. Give as optimal a result as possible.
  4. Satisfy the wishes of our customers.
  5. Single product.
  6. Economic prices.


Once the first contact has been made, the client or company will provide us with as much information as possible about the project they have in mind.

Then our team, thanks to that information will begin to shape the project as soon as possible, and later to present to the client several proposals and finally he chooses one of them. The waiting time will be proportionate to the difficulty of the design.

After acceptance of the design, the customer must pay the cost of the product to be designed:
  • Cost of the product to be designed (see on web).
  • Cost of the design 10€.
  • Shipping cost (depending on the urgency of the shipment).




To request this exclusive service, simply contact our team through the following form, which will send an email to our administration area or you can contact us via Whatsapp to the following phone number 34684186179.

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