Our story

Every story has a beginning

Territorial was founded as an innovative and revolutionary fashion brand headquartered in a small workshop in the lovely city of Málaga (Puerto de la Torre) from the hand of three childhood friend entrepreneurs who joined to create with enthusiasm a great story. Territorial gives you the power of merging classic elegant with and state-of-art design.

Every big journey has a humble starting point. This way three young and brave entrepreneurs gathered in a small garage to turn it in a full workshop. We started to create carefully with plenty of dedication to capture the essential of ideas in unconventional fashion items that integrated raw material less conventional as wood and cork.

We didn’t use to know exactly how the fashion world worked as none of us came from the sector, but we have a strong belief and there’s nothing more powerful as a dream.

To be honest, our first creations came to be a complete disaster. Even we created a reverse clock. But far from got discourage, our conviction and ability to learn from our mistakes along with our commitment to continuous improvement towards the excellence makes Territorial a benchmark in its sector not only for the originality and the freshness of our products but also for the high standard of quality in products and service as well as our speed to response. Territorial pursues maximum precision translated into a careful range of quality products, elegant and unique.

Fearlessly original

Our reason for being is for reinvent fashion accessories while applying the natural essence of wood and the values of craftsmanship works. The reception couldn’t have been better so far. Nowadays our wooden bow ties, cufflinks and suspenders are part of sophisticated outfit around the World.

The daring and cool design of Territorial are inspired by their own conceptions, capable of captivating the most demanding clients. A huge range of figures and forms are combined with a wide variety colors that turns into endless combinations that fit everyone.

Local and craft production

The creativity takes shape during a laborious process of preparation in our workshop, where we turn all our dedication into delicate techniques of craftsmanship to merge woodwork and sewing. We are aware that the secret of our success lies in the first sanding finish in the accurate cutting and even in the last stitch. Therefore, we put our greatest effort to ensure that the essence of handmade is evident in each of our accessories.

Our greatest satisfaction is to check how our clients find in our accessories the unique and personal style they want to give to their outfit.

Touch. Feel. Live.

Since the beginning of our lifes we all a unique being. An extraordinary coincidence that will never happen again. As unique as exclusive. That why we always want to reflect our existence in everything we do.

In Territorial we have learned that the only thing that make us different from others is ourselves. In this way, we put the maximum efforts and pay attention to every detail aimed to reflect what each of us looks for. So each piece that depart from our workshop is different from the rest. We do not make a product for everyone but a product for each one.